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The novel coronavirus

The cyber threat of working at home in the light of the COVID-19 situation

The Center for Cyber Security points out that the cyber threat to authorities and companies is very high. And in these critical times where many of us work at home, we are extra vulnerable.

At SDU alone, we have had 74 cases in the period   March 7-11 where employees and students have been blocked from accessing websites or have been subjected to attempts to compromise passwords. From March 12 (when the SDU closed down) to March 14, we have had a total of 86 cases.

Therefore, it is extra important during this time that both staff and students are wary of scams and phishing mails, so that IT criminals who want to exploit a critical situation, do not get free play.


Always check this before clicking:

  • How is the URL spelled in the link you received in the email? If it looks strange eg - please do not click
  • Never share personal data of any kind

Get more information here - also for all those who work at home.

Use your common sense. If something looks suspicious, that's because it is.


Novel coronavirus

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