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A green canteen for everybody at SDU

A more sustainable and greener imprint is a major part of the new canteen selection, which has just been published. The people behind the selection are satisfied and hope that both staff and students will be able to feel the difference when the new selection becomes available after the summer break.

By Andreas Brunebjerg Jørgensen, , 3/19/2020

The new canteen procurement was recently published. A canteen committee consisting of staff and students at SDU devised the selection, which will be available after the summer break.
One of the members is Bente Haugaard Kristensen, who is Study Coordinator for the Professional Master programmes. According to Bente, there should be a greater focus on the quality of food served in the canteen.  

- We were very much in agreement when talking about the requirements for the new canteen. By and large, we all wanted more vegetables and less meat. This is something that's pretty easy to change, which makes it a starting point start in the desire to achieve a sustainable canteen, she says.

The right balance

Bente Haugaard Kristensen points out that things must be in order, so that both students and staff have a positive experience in the canteen. 
- It’s very important for us that things are of decent quality. We in the canteen committee therefore also agreed that it is better with a smaller selection if the quality is first-class.

 We need to make minor changes that will ultimately benefit those who use the canteen on a daily basis. In this way we can change some minor and subconscious things that will create a better experience for everyone.

A better experience

Bente Haugaard Kristensen hopes that, in the future, more staff and students will use the canteen and enjoy the selection that will be pertinent after the summer break.
- The canteen provides food to many people and it is possible to make minor adjustments that people may not notice, but make a major difference. 
At the same time, it also sends a signal that you are committed to the quality assurance of food, and this can make a difference via the climate targets,she says.

Facts about the canteen procurement:
- 2-4 canteen annual committee meetings are held between contact persons at SDU, students and employees of the canteen operator 
- The meetings are used to review practical issues, follow-up on pre-arranged decisions and establish any changes
- The canteens at SDU are currently operated by Chartwells, which is part of Compass Group, the world's largest service company
- All providers wishing to operate canteens at SDU submitted an initial offer for evaluation by 17 March 
- The new canteen lessee is due to be announced at the beginning of May     

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