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New, clearer signage and directions at SDU Odense

We’ve made it easier to find your way around campus in Odense once SDU reopens.

SDU Odense's buildings are large and complex. Both visitors and regular users of the buildings can occasionally get lost on the long, seemingly hallways and staggered floors. Technical Services has therefore launched a project in collaboration with Planning and Construction as well as SDU Communications that aims to make entrance and hallway signs at SDU Odense clearer and make it easier to find your way around campus.

The original 'road network'

In the project, we're working on a solution where the original 'road network' is clarified in combination with the corners of the world. This makes it much easier for you to find your bearings and reach your destination. The road network consists of the north-south hallways Gydehutten and Stenten as well as the major east-west lateral hallways Knoldene, Krogene, Bøgene, Lysningen, Agrene and Vangene.

Use the names of entrances and hallways

The project's efforts to ensure clearer naming of entrances and hallways should provide better opportunities for finding your way around SDU Odense. However, it starts with the fact that you have received a location that matches the 'road network' that the signs and maps use. We therefore hope that everyone will use the names of entrances and hallways when guiding people to a conference room, a classroom, a service function, an office or a department.


In December 2020, signs have been put up above all of the entrance doors named after the main 'streets' they lead into, and indicating which side of campus you are on.

Entrance signs


On the floors where the hallways intersect, you will find compasses indicating the names of hallways and directions.

Floor compass


2021 will initially see a focus on external signage, especially from the car parks on the west side of campus and inside. Following this, we will be working on:

  • Further indication of the names of indoor hallways, allowing you to more easily find out where you are.
  • Signage at the stairwells, making it easier for you to determine how to get from the main hallways and either upstairs or downstairs to classrooms and conference rooms etc.
  • New maps that reflect the naming of hallways and entrances and help you figure out your location and how to reach your destination. This will be done in connection with another project to find a replacement for the current digital directory, SDU Maps.
  • Signage leading from the major hallways to the lateral hallways with indication of departments, classrooms and conference rooms etc.
  • Replacing the blue signs outside classrooms and other rooms with black signs featuring white text so that they follow the applicable design manual.
  • Tidying up. Outdated signs as well as local sign solutions will be removed so that the new signs and the general principles of the new solution are visible and do not get lost in the old forests of signs and other design logics. There is also a recommendation not to implement new local sign solutions. Instead, please contact Technical Services at so that a solution can be found which is in accordance with the principles for signage that will apply going forward.

Questions about the project?

Please contact Project Manager Rie Zimmer Rasmussen, Technical Services, at, tel. (+45) 65 50 40 26.

Editing was completed: 15.01.2021