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SDU Moves

1022 employees are counting steps

For the second round of the Count Steps campaign at SDU, there has been a doubling in the number of participants. The team behind “SDU Moves” would like to thank every employee who has participated.

We hope the campaign once again has inspired to get more movement into your everyday life. It can be difficult to plan an active break during the day, but we hope that you remember that every movement counts. Also, the small things like changing your working position from sitting to standing.

After the Count Steps campaign ends “SDU Moves” will continue to create offers that can motivate you to be more active. We regularly update our page so you can see which activities you can participate in.

A special thanks to someone on your team

Do you have someone from your team who deserves something extra for their engagement in the campaign? If so, then write to with who and why you think your colleague deserves to receive a gift for their particularly good efforts. We have a limited number of gifts and will regularly evaluate the emails we receive.

We look forward to being active with SDU!

Editing was completed: 08.02.2021