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SDU Moves

COUNT STEPS – Thank you for your participation and support!

Over the last two weeks, 503 employees in 69 teams has participated in Tæl Skridt-campaign.

We hope the campaign has led to both good talks and friendly competition between colleagues. We also hope the campaign has been a positive experience with more movement in everyday life. Maybe you took the time to be more active during your lunch breaks? Or have combined some of your meetings over the phone with a walk outside? We would love to hear about your experience! You can send an email to

“SDU Moves” will initiate more activities in the future to continue to keep focus on physical activity and well-being for employees at SDU.

A special thanks to someone on your team

Do you have someone from your team who deserves something extra for their engagement in the campaign? If so then write to with who and why you think your colleague deserves to receive a gift for their particularly good efforts. We have a limited number of gifts and will regularly evaluate the emails we receive.

Editing was completed: 24.11.2020