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Teaching portfolio

The individual teacher prepares an ongoing work portfolio containing all the activities under each of the six points. From this work portfolio, material is selected for different types of presentation portfolios, e.g. for use when applying for a new job or for staff development interviews.

The presentation portfolio in a job application will typically relate the six points to the requirements of the position being applied for, while the presentation portfolio at staff development interviews will focus on how the educational practice can be developed based on the future academic and educational challenges of the academic field in question.

The six points are:

1. Formal educational training

Summary of:

  • Completed study programmes, e.g. æ lecturer training programme or MEd.
  • Participation in higher education courses and workshops
  • Participation in higher education conferences

2. Administrative tasks relating to education

Summary of:

  • Participation in councils and boards related to study programmes
  • Tasks as head of studies and organiser of modules, courses, or other parts of a study programme
  • Administrative tasks relating to education outside the university

3. Experience of study programmes, supervision and examinations

Summary of:

  • Teaching and supervision tasks, specifying study programme, subject/module/parts of module and number of ECTS/hours
  • Examination and external examiner tasks

4. Methods, materials and tools

Descriptions of experiences with various:

  • Methods of teaching and assessment
  • Supervision methods
  • Analogue and digital teaching materials, including original productions

5. Educational development and applied research into teaching at university, including educational awards

Descriptions of:

  • Participation in educational development projects, specifying any allocated project funds. Indicate the grounds of the project, and its results.
  • Documentation of development projects in the form of reports and articles as well as posters and presentations at meetings and conferences
  • Educational (applied) research projects
  • Educational research training

6. Reflections on your own teaching practice and future development including student evaluations

  • A summary of the main features of your previous teaching practice as well as thoughts on your own future development in relation to teaching responsibilities ahead.
  • Reflections on how you have developed your teaching practice based on student evaluations and in interaction with students and colleagues.
  • Other university teaching issues that you consider important.

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Last Updated 07.10.2021