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Keys and access cards

Procedures regarding keys to the Department of Biology:

Obtaining keys

The new user shall go first to SDU's "hovedkasse" in the administration building "Serviceafdelingen", where a deposit of 200kr shall be paid. The dated receipt is then taken to the key administrator (see below) where a borrowing form is filled in and signed and these two papers exchanged for a key. Receipt and form are stapled together and filed alphabetically by user surname. A computer entry also records the user's name and the key details, and the date on which the key was issued.

NB: Department employees do not need to pay a deposit to get a key.

Returning keys

The user takes the key to the key administrator and receives in exchange a dated receipt which shall be taken to "hovedkassen" and exchanged for the deposit. The administrator removes the user's name (but NOT the key number) from the computer and ticks OK in the box, destroys the borrowing form, and replaces the key where it lives.

Ann-Mary Andersen

Access Cards

Access cards are used only by 1) employees, 2) guest researchers and students, and 3) external lecturers.

For a new card, your host needs to take you to Carsten Hansen, who has an office behind the service office on Gydehutten. Guests should bring a copy of their guest form, filled out and signed by a Department secretary, and Carsten or his co-worker will collect the required information and take a photo of the guest. The access card is made there and then.

The card holder shall choose a 4-digit pincode for their Card.

For people in categories 2) and 3), both start and end dates already exist for their work here. When the end date passes, their card is automatically deactivated. If you need access after your finishing date, notify Ann-Mary in advance so that the end date can be altered. The card can be kept and reactivated by PH if the visitor returns.

When an employee leaves the Department, they should tell Ann-Mary either personally or by mail. Their card will then be deactivated.

Access cards give access to all corridors in the Department when the doors are locked outside working hours, ie 17:00 to 07:00 and during holidays and weekends. You still need a key to open your door.


If a student needs access to the Department outside normal working hours (see above) they should go to Ann-Mary either with their supervisor else with his written request for a card. Remember your study card! Supervisors may instead email Ann-Mary with the student's personal data (first name, all middle names and surnames, and card number).

NB. If your card is lost, stolen, or broken please contact either Ann-Mary or the service room "betjentstuen" (local tel: 2674/2051) immediately. The card will be deactivated and a new card issued.

Ann-Mary Andersen

Last Updated 03.09.2020