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The research project ”Intelligent Training – implementation in daily life” is looking for participants among employees at SDU for a 2 hour workshop on Campusvej in Odense

The purpose of the workshop is to develop motivational features to the existing content in an app that can contribute to implement more movement during a workday. Participants will get exclusive access to the app. The current content in the app is based on the concept Intelligent Training. The concept has been a part of the SDU Moves project. In the app there will be a big range of different exercises and the app is therefore able to create a training program adapted to your individual needs. Workshops will be conducted at Campusvej in Odense on the 10th, 12th and 15th of May from 8:30am to 10:30am. The two first workshops are conducted in Danish while the last workshop is conducted in English. A maximum of 30 participants can participate in each workshop, and there will be refreshments during the workshop. Sign up here: Workshop on the 10th of May Workshop on the 12th of May Workshop on the 15th of May One month prior to the workshop, you will get access to the app along with some written material informing about the workshop.

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Streamlining the management relationship: Go for a walk and draw a card

Anton Pottegård and Jesper Hallas have developed a method that allows you to optimise and develop your meeting culture. It’s also a concept that strengthens your signal value, while you also get to exercise. The method is simple: Go for a walk and draw cards.

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Seeking funding or partners for your next project?

SDU has developed a number of apps to make it easier to find opportunities for funding, including funds from Danish foundations as well as Horizon Europe. Our apps also allow you to check whether your research idea is novel or find collaborators for your project. Every Tuesday and Thursday, RIO’s Research Support help desk team is ready to show you how to use the various apps – and help you discover new opportunities.

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Last Updated 20.12.2022