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'How to' guides

Video: recording, uploading, removing, myMEDIA

There are several ways of recording video (lectures, presentations, introductions etc.) using the hardware and software you already have access to at SDU.

myMEDIA is a repository in Blackboard where you can store the videos. You can then publish your videos to or embed them directly in your Blackboard courses.

Setting up your lecture, practice session or lesson in Blackboard

We recommend making your video lectures available via Blackboard’s discussion board. In that way, your
students will have the possibility to ask questions relating to your video lectures. You can also pose questions to your students to engage them in active learning.

This guide shows how to set up your lesson in Blackboard, so that students get a good overview of the different activities you have planned for them. In this way, it will be easier for them to engage.

Blackboard tools for active teaching and learning

This written guide will show you 'How to add a blog activity'.
This written guide will show you 'How to add a discussion board activity'.

This guide shows how to create an assignment in your Blackboard course, so that students can hand in
essays, reports, answers etc.

This written guide will show you 'How to create and add a quiz' in Blackboard.

If you want to be able to see which students have viewed information or material you have uploaded to
Blackboard in order to take attendance, you can activate “Mark Reviewed”:

Live, online teaching

  • This written zoom guide will show you the best way to install the client and how to create sessions etc..
  • This guide will be relevant, if you want to create breakout rooms for live, online group work: Getting Started with Breakout Rooms.

SDU's page on how to teach online during the lockdown of the university

SDU's page on novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ground rules for live, online sessions

Further information

Support your students with a rubric or a checklist

Further information

Last Updated 31.03.2020