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Asynchronous online teaching - Technical guides


Are you tired of the webcam, poor audio and using your home as backdrop? Now, you have an opportunity to record your teaching videos on campus.

As an experiment, SDU has built a studio in Odense that enhances the quality of your videos. The equipment connects your computer with a high-end camera, microphone, and gives you a neutral background.

The studio is designed to work with itslearning and Kaltura Capture which you probably already use. This way, you obtain your recordings immediately within itslearning – and you can share content with your students the moment you are done in the studio.

If you prefer to record using other applications, e. g. Camtasia, this is also possible. The application just needs to be installed on your own computer.

In this video, you can view the process:

 If you would like to know more about using the studio, send a mail to Karsten Prinds from the Educations of the Future-project, or call 6550 2374.

This written guide 'How to add a discussion board activity' will show you how to:

  • create a discussion in itslearning
  • view and reply to a discussion 
  • start a new discussion thread

This guide shows you how to 'Set up an Assignment' in itslearning, so that students can hand in essays, reports, answers etc.

This written MCQ/test-guide  contains a walk-through of: 

  • Setting up an MCQ/test  in itslearning
  • Monitoring answers during the test
  • Showing test results to students 

There are several ways of recording video (lectures, presentations, introductions etc.) using the hardware and software you already have access to at SDU.

Mymedia is a repository in itslearning where you can store the videos. 

You can then publish your videos to or embed them directly in your courses.

Last Updated 18.01.2021