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Get a DOI

DOI is an abbreviation for Digital Object Identifier and is used to uniquely identify a digital object. They are widely used for publications and data sets to ensure that they are not confused when quoted. A DOI is also a permanent link, and we recommend that you link using the DOI if one is available.

To get a DOI the publication must be registered in Pure, but it is possible to get a DOI earlier in the publication process, if needed.

The active DOI link will refer to the publications site in the Research Portal.

How to:

The publication is published and registered in Pure:  

  • Send the URL of the publication in the Research Portal  to
  • We will create an active DOI number and add it to the Pure registration

The publication has not yet been published:

  • Find out if a DOI is created in the publication process
  • If not, send the title and corresponding author of the publication to
  • We will return an inactive DOI number
  • After publication send the publication or a link to the publication to
  • We will register the publication in Pure and the DOI number will be activated

If you wish to get DOI numbers for more than one publication you need to go through the process above for each publication.

Last Updated 06.06.2023