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Open Access

Open Access is free access to research publications with as few restrictions as possible.

This means that research is both readable and usable without users need to login or pay for access. Open Access research has a wider reach both to other researchers and for societal use.

SDU adopted an Open Science Policy in 2018. Because of this the university works purposefully to make research publications widely accessible  via SDU's Research Portal. SDU's open access publications are also available in search engines, SDU Library's search interface and Unpaywall, which is used by the database Web of Science as well as others. 

SDU is also supportive of the national open access strategy adopted in 2014, saying all research supported  by public funds should be made publicly available through the Green Open Access method.

Go here to read more of the SDU Open Science Policy and The National Open Access strategy

The Pure Office offers support when you want to parallel publish in Pure. We offer to help you clarify rights and terms in specific cases and with correct upload in Pure. Please contact

Note that SDU Library previously managed an open access fund to support affiliated researchers. This is closed for the time being.

SDU's discount agreements for open access publishing

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Predatory journals
SDU Library's Open Access Funds has been terminated

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Last Updated 03.03.2022