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ORCID and Other Identifiers

SDU highly recommends you get an ORCID and connect it to your Pure profile. Here is why:

Various databases have each their own identifier for you as a publishing researcher.
When counting publications coming from and citations received by you or your department the aim is to count your entire production.

However, the databases do not inherently know that Jane Smith affiliated with different universities might be the same person. In that case Jane runs the risk of only having her publications from one of her positions counted. Likewise, if Jane changes her first or last name, the various databases may not know it is in fact the same person.

It is therefore important that you ask each of the citation counting databases (Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar) to merge your profiles if you have more than one.
It is also highly recommended that you link your ORCID to your ScopusID and your Web of Science ID (called ResearcherID).

Your ORCID serves as a link between the different identifiers in different databases. Use it when you publish. That way the databases will know the new publication belongs with your existing profile. Also, people will know which Jane Smith wrote the work.
Your ORCID is personal, you should only have one, and you will keep that one throughout your career.

Please be aware that identifiers in citation databases are used for international university rankings. For internal SDU analyses identifiers are harvested from Pure, so adding identifiers to your Pure profile will make the analyses more comprehensive. 
Connecting and correcting different identifiers will make the analyses that are being  carried out more correct. 

SDU Library can assist you in how to clean your online profiles. See our guide to the right and please get in touch if your question is not answered here. 

Display of researcher ID's

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Check your online profiles yearly

If you check your profiles once a year, you will make sure they are always correct. This guide will help you perform a check of your existing online profiles in ORCID, Scopus and Web of Science.

Guide to yearly check of Identifiers

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Last Updated 11.09.2023