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SDU registers research information centrally. As a result SDU researchers' publication details are captured and added to Pure by the internal Pure office when it is possible to do so from online databases.

You are still required to make sure all publications from research conducted in your employment at SDU are added to Pure and are included in the comprehensive database of SDU  research. You can do this by paying attention to what new content is added to your Pure profile and adding missing content to your Pure profile or sending the information to

Furthermore you have the opportunity to display other relevant information on your research and to make your research open access.

The Pure Office can be helpful in registering publications from previous employment. For this Contact Puresupport.

If you are interested in a presentation or  a course about  some of the functionalities in Pure, including creating a  CV, Open Access, editing your profile on the Research Portal, we are more than happy to visit your department or centre.


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We will hold introductions in English and in Danish during the spring. If you have any suggestions for a future course, please let us know.

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Last Updated 08.12.2022