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Handling travel reimbursement using zExpense

1. Introduction

In 2018 SDU implemented zExpense as the system for the reimbursement of travel costs and expenses. The system is provided by ZeBon.

2. Link to zExpense

Employees at SDU get access til zExpense in one of the following ways:

3. Guidelines

We have developed four guidelines about the use of zExpense: 

4. Instructional videos in English

We have developed some videos about the use of zExpense:

In addition ZeBon has produced demos for the use of zExpense. As mentioned the demos are developed by ZeBon and therefore they do not fully reflect SDU's use of the system. Click on

5. Links

6. Questions

If you have any questions about zExpense, please contact the administrative staff in your department. You can also contact the employees in The Travel Office.



Last revised on: 31-07-2020
Responsible department: Accounting Office
Responsible employee: Jens V. Kierkegaard


Ændret sidst: 31-07-2020
Ansvarlig afdeling: Regnskabsafdelingen
Ansvarlig medarbejder: Jens V. Kierkegaard