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What is Pure
Pure is SDU's research database. All researchers and research units have a profile containing research output, activities CV's and more for public viewing. Thus Pure is mainly used to register content that enrich both SDU and  SDU researchers' public profiling.


Login and guides
Login is found here:
Guides for Pure is found on along with other  support functions: Guides for Pure. Additional help and support is offered at


Publications in Pure
Publications conducted during SDU employment must be entered in Pure. Resposibilities are disbtributed as follows: 

 The Pure office will:  As researcher at SDU you should:
 - Add publication data to Pure from online sources - Continiously check publications added to Pure
- Add publication data emailed from researchers - Ensure that peer review information is correctly entered in Pure
 - Check and validate publication data to ensure quality - Check if all your publications are added to Pure
 - Send monthly status reports to all heads of departments - Send corrections to the Pure Office at
Reporting publications to Pure is a condition for the distribution of financial means to the university. Means are distributed by The Ministry of Higher Education and Science based on Pure data. More information about this is found in the BFI section at the bottom of this page. An FAQ on this financial model can be found here: The Bibliometric Research Indicator


The Pure Office offers to add publications from previous employment. Email a comprehensive and well-ordered publication list to

SDU's public Research Portal 
All researchers employed at SDU have a public profile through displaying data from the Pure database. Therefore we strongly recommend the Pure database is kept updated. Researchers are encouraged to add an ORCID ID which is done through the researcher's own Pure profile (click 'Edit profile' when logged in)

Profile pictures are added by sending an email to

Direct link to the research portal:


Last Updated 22.09.2020