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500 days  with the sdgs

 500 days with the Sustainable Development Goals – Share your story!

SDU has now been working strategically with the Sustainable Development Goals in 500 days. Many students and employees have made significant contributions. Maybe you are one them?

On 5 February 2021 it’s been 500 days since students and employees gathered at a kick-off in September 2019 to mark the start of SDU’s work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Although the COVID-19 restrictions have complicated our work and put some of the planned initiatives on hold, our students and employees have nevertheless made significant contributions.

In the film below you can see several examples of contributions from employees and students.

When SDU has been able to contribute to the SDGs so fast, it is among other things due to the fact that sustainability by far is a new phenomenon at SDU – neither in research nor in operation. Since 2015, SDU has worked on making our campuses more energy efficient, and researchers at SDU have been engaged in promotion of sustainable tourism for a long time. Just to mention two examples.

Share your story!
Starting well with the first 500 days at SDU is mainly due to contributions from employees and students. All contributions count and are important to our work with sustainability and the SDGs. In connection with the marking of the first 500 days we would like to hear about several large as well as small contributions to the work with sustainability. No contribution is too small!

So, if you, your colleague or unit has made an effort, that others deserve to hear about, please use this word-formular and send us your story. You are also welcome to submit your story in a video. You can send your story to At the same time, you consent that we can use your story on our websites and social media.

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