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Our Green Universe

Here you can find good advice for a climate friendly behaviour and see SDU's climateplan- and account

In December 2021, SDU established a climate plan that sets out how by 2030 we will re-duce the University’s greenhouse gas emissions by 70% compared to 1990. 

The Climate Plan builds on the initiatives of previous years, with energy optimisation, instal-lation of solar panels on roofs, waste sorting, etc. and brings together future joint initiatives in four focus areas: 

  • Campus, buildings and operations
  • Circular resource consumption
  • Transport
  • Involvement, behaviour and communication

In addition to these initiatives, you can also contribute to minimising SDU’s greenhouse gas emissions. All contributions count and are important.


Good advice for climatefriendly behaviour

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Send us an e-mail if you have questions about or suggestions to SDU's climate plan

Last Updated 25.10.2023