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Why does SDU work with the SDGs?

Higher education and research are a prerequisite for opinion-makers, citizens and politicians to make long-term decisions on an informed and realisable basis.

The UN’s SDGs focus on global challenges, which the global community must solve for future generations. They are challenges that companies, politicians or researchers can find the answers to on their own. Innovative breakthroughs across disciplines, sectors and national borders are needed.

SDU wishes to contribute to the work with the SDGs through our research and programmes. Climate, energy, demography, health and gender equality are among the areas that we teach in and make discoveries within. Our particular contribution lies in the way we practice research: as a classic university founded on deep academic knowledge, and as an experimental university seeking holistic solutions through interdisciplinary research projects.

We do this in agreement with the Danish University Act and respect the individual’s freedom of research and consequently the right to choose the subject and method of research.

SDU has almost 30,000 students and 4,000 employees. As a large workplace, it is important how we run the canteen, sort waste, make tenders and purchases, work with energy optimisation and reduce consumption. Furthermore, it is essential how we make decisions regarding the use of materials such as paper, plastic, bamboo etc. Therefore, in addition to research and education, the work with the SDGs also includes operational activities, and here we involve, engage and mobilise the whole university.

Editing was completed: 16.02.2020