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SDU Sustainable Developments Goals Forum II – a forum for researchers

SDU’s Sustainable Development Goals Forum II (Verdensmålsforum #2) will be held in the fall of 2020 with the focus of establishing interdisciplinary research collaborations, networks, and projects.

Interdisciplinarity in focus

The aim of SDG Forum II is to provide a foundation for interdisciplinary research partnerships that can work on finding solutions to the major global and societal challenges that underlie the UN’s SDGs. These solutions indeed require a holistic as well as interdisciplinary collaboration.

SDG Forum II is the result of SDU’s desire to facilitate the formation of these collaborations and is this time reserved for researchers. The forum offers a number of exciting initiatives such as facilitating networks across the research communities, facilitating idea generation for interdisciplinary research topics with research colleagues from different academic environments, provide insight into SDU’s support opportunities and last but not least, provide greater insight into the funding opportunities, which develops in line with the world’s focus on the 17 SDGs.

Hosted by SDU’s Executive Board, the RI Council and SDU RIO.

Editing was completed: 03.03.2020