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Visual guidelines

Cobranding with the UN organisation ceases

In future, the wheel may be used alone, but not with SDU’s logo. If the wheel appears with SDU’s logo, it means that SDU is required to add a specific text. See the example above. SDU does not wish to add this text in all contexts. When using the wheel, it must be on a white or black background. 

Avoid SDG wash

The visual instruments for the SDGs – wheels and icons – should primarily be used in a context where the SDGs are the main focus. Therefore, there should be no mass distribution of logos, wheels and icons on any of our printed materials.

Development of new web functions

Internal: SDU’s employees have the opportunity to present ideas, planned projects and initiatives on SDUnet. The purpose is to showcase the many ways we are working with the SDGs. An ideas bank is being developed for this purpose.
External: For an external audience, a so-called foldable footer is being developed for This feature is ideal for displaying select cases.
The development of the ideas bank and foldable footer is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2020.

The UN’s guidelines

For more information on visual guidelines

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Christine Højlund Andersen, Mikkel Larris or SDU Communication, Web (web).


Editing was completed: 16.02.2020