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Old concrete furniture gets a new life

Old unused furniture is being taken out from the basement and getting a new design in a project that will give staff and students more opportunities to sit outside

By Andreas Brunebjerg Jørgensen, , 11/20/2019

About 40 pieces of surplus concrete furniture has so far been left unused in the basement at SDU, but a new project will get the unused chairs out of the storage room and back out onto the SDU campus.

This is what project managers Anton Holm Madsen and Martin Hansen from Plan & Byg had to say:

-The furniture was originally going to be thrown out, but then we thought it might be exciting to do something with it.

Collaboration with Holscher

Together with Rasmus Holscher, the son of one of the architects behind SDU Knud Holscher, the concrete furniture has a completely new design and is intended for use by staff and students.

-The design of the chairs fits very well with the existing ones at SDU, so we hope that the new furniture will be used by the staff and students.

In the new design it has been important to recycle as many materials as possible. Martin Hansen from Plan & Byg says:

New ways to recycle materials

-It takes a lot of energy to produce cement, so it means a lot that we have skipped that part because we are using existing concrete.

Hardwood is usually a very suitable material for outdoor furniture due to its durability, but does not have the best sustainable profile and footprints,says Martin Hansen.

Trees used in this way are usually picked up in rainforests on the other side of the globe. As such, the designers have looked for more sustainable alternatives. The new concrete furniture will therefore have a Nordic wood cladding, baked in an oven along with vegan oils, which is a better alternative.

Ready for summer

The new concrete furniture will be placed around Campus Odense, and it is hoped that it will be ready for summer 2020.

-They will primarily stand between Stenten and towards the administration building, but they will also be present in the courtyards, says Anton Holm Madsen.

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