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Waste sorting

Waste sorting ”behind the scenes”

Technical Services work every day to strengthen SDU’s circular economy. One of the initiatives is a cooperation with Grundfos that supports both environment and fellow human beings.

By Astrid Ravn Andersen, , 4/12/2021

At the SDG forum in November, students and staff voted for the proposal “From waste to resources” to help improve the circular economy at SDU. In this connection, focus was brought on creation of waste clusters so that students and staff can contribute to the waste sorting.

But even more initiatives to lower SDU’s climate footprint hide “behind the scenes”.

One of these initiatives originates from Technical Services where the plumbers in cooperation with Grundfos take care that all the used pumps are sent for recycling with Grundfos.

- They deliver a waste container free of charge to us. When it is full, we just send them an email that it is ready for collection, says the plumber Jens Hildebrandt.

In this way, the cooperation makes it plain sailing for the craftsmen to contribute to SDU’s circular economy. The initiative is sustainable in several ways. In addition to the climate advantage of recycling, the scheme also focuses on social sustainability.

- They have a whole department with mainly flextime employees, who disassemble the pumps, take the pieces apart and recycle 98 % of the materials.

The scheme ensures work for people with reduced working capacity for social and/or health reasons.

- I find the social aspect very positive. That you can help people who cannot work full time but who can make themselves useful, says Jens Hildebrandt.

You can read more about the take back system here.

Editing was completed: 12.04.2021