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Taking stock

Hit the ground running

There are many different SDG projects at SDU.

By Flemming Bridal Rasmussen, , 2/4/2020

At the risk of being accused of Anglicism, the English phrase used in the headline seems to be a good way to describe the efforts made by SDU's staff since the Board decided to make the UN’s World Goals a focus point for the University's further development.

The fact that SDU has been able to make such fast progress is due not least to the university having been in a good place to start with. SDU has not used pesticides for years. We are already sorting waste at 32 depots, and food waste is minimal. We are also printing much less than before.

We are starting at a good place

That’s not to say that our operations are CO2-free. There is room for improvement, but we are starting at a good place. Consideration for the environment and being mindful of resource wastage have already been implemented via circulars dealing with the operation of government buildings and in the way the Technical Service handles operations on a daily basis. This is clear from the articles in this newsletter.

Since the Board's decision, SDU has also worked hard on implementing a wide range of initiatives to strengthen the relevance and quality of SDU's research and education in relation to the World Goals.

This work will continue in the coming years. The starting point for all of this is free, independent and critical research. And our efforts in relation to a greener, healthier and more diverse SDU continue, incorporating a large number of future initiatives based on suggestions from staff and students.

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