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Commercialise your Innovative Idea

Commercialising innovative ideas is crucial for researchers to make a societal impact. Our dedicated team is here to help ensuring accessibility and scalability of transformative technologies. Together, we bridge academia and industry, fostering progress and enhancing lives. Let us support you in your commercialisation journey.

Protection of rights

If you have an invention or product, it can be protected under a patent, trademark or utility model. If your invention includes any software, it may be possible to protect it under copyright law.

Commercializing your innovation is the most common way to see your invention reach the masses to achieve its intended benefit in society. At the Commercialisation office we assist in obtaining a patent, getting a copyright or getting the right agreement with a company.

We take you through the process of evaluating the commercial opportunty as well as developing a market strategy.



Business developers at SDU can advise and guide you in the process of protection your invention.

Patent Protection Offers strong protection for inventive ideas, normally for 20 years. Relevant products: 'Physical' inventions and software. Expensive and time consuming but offers strong protection for inventive ideas. Learn more about the process.
Utility Model Protection A utility model protection is the 'small' patent for the inventions which do not differ enough from existing products to be patented. Lasts only 10 years. Relevant products: 'Physical' inventions. Takes 2-3 months but the application is not published until after 15 months. This type of protection is supported by relatively few countries. The cost is 10 000 DKK in Denmark.
Design Protection Protects the design, shape, or look of your product, also fonts and icons. NB design protection offers 1 year grace period in Denmark. Relevant products: Apps and webpages Design protection both national and international costs 1000-2000 DKK. Application is registered from time of payment, but a one year grace period is in effect.
Trademark Registration Protects logos and names and thus hinders competitors of copycatting your look or brand. Relevant products: Apps, webpages, e-book/series and books/series. Trademark registration both national and international costs around 2000-4000 DKK. Application is registered from the time of payment.
Copyright Copyright protects original works of authorship. It protects text, source code, graphics, and sound effects but they do not protect your idea or the inventive steps to your idea.
Relevant products: Software, apps, webpages, e-book/series and books/series.
Copyright is free of charge and is automatically established the moment you create your product.

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Last Updated 15.01.2024