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Open Access

Make your research open -The University of Southern Denmark aims to make research available. With Open Access research can be accessed without login and payment from readers.

Open access is a term used for research publications that are made available to readers without payment and without login. Open access covers different levels of openness and are used for publications that are free to read online as well as publications that have actual open access licenses such as Creative Commons.

Open Access is obtained in different ways. The two primarily used ways are sharing manuscript versions of published articles or publishing open access. Both ways are described more on this site.
In 2018 University of Southern Denmark adopted an open science policy. The policy is set forth by SDU but customized adaptations of the policy are in place for all departments. Because of this the University is actively participating in the process of making research publications openly available through SDU’s own research database, Pure. SDU’s open access publications are also available in various search engines, SDU Library’s Search Well and Unpaywall, a service uses by Web of Science among others.
Furthermore, SDU is part of The National Strategy for Open Access set forth in 2014. The vision of this policy is that all publicly supported research should be made publicly available through green open access. Click these links to read the SDU Open Science policy and The National Strategy for Open Access.

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Open Science is more than Open Access to publications. It is about making all the processes in the academic life-cycle open so that the whole world may benefit from taxpayer-funded research. Open Science is also about open data, open peer review, open access, open education, citizen science, and much more. It is a movement which encourages researchers to engage in changing the way research is traditionally produced and presented. At the same time, it challenges the business model of the academic publishers and other members of the para-academic industry. Research has shown that researchers who publish mainly in Open Access have a citation advantage over those who do not.

Last Updated 29.04.2024