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Research Support

As a researcher you can get help in all phases of your research project; pre-award, at-award and post-award. These services are provided from research support units at the faculties or from the research support unit in SDU RIO. 

Pre-award helps you in the process of applying for funding. At-award helps you negotiate a contract with EU and your partners in the project. Post-award helps you with administration and project management.


Researchers from SDU can get help from two places; the local faculty research support as well as the research support in RIO.

  • Research Support (TEK, HUM, SAMF, SUND, NAT)
  • Research Support (RIO)

There are three important phases in the grant life cycle - pre-award, at-award and post-award. The research support units at SDU provide support in all of the three phases.


Group of people talking in the hallway at SDU

What is pre-award, at-award and post-award?

The pre-award phase represents the beginning of the grant lifecycle, which includes identification of funding opportunities, proposal preparation , budget approval and submission.

If the funding agency approves your application, the at-award phase begins. Please inform the research support immediately upon receival of the grant letter, as kick-off planning incl. contract negotiation may take months.

The post-award  phase is where the research is being carried out. Project implementation usually includes reporting of scientific progress as well as project economy and admin compliance.

Grant life cycle


  • Funding opportunities
  • Application writing
  • Budget approval 


 Contract negotiations


 Project management

portrait of Rune head of research support Humanities

Research Support at the Faculty of Humanities

“The Research Support Office at Faculty of Humanities contributes with extensive experience in grant proposal development and insights in the Danish and European funding landscapes. Our goal is your research funding success, and we are dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process – from project idea to proposal submission. Feel free to reach out to Rune, Henry, or Anastasia at any stage of your grant proposal development.”

Rune Nørgaard Jørgensen
Head of Research Support 
Faculty of Humanities


portrait of Philip head of research support NAT

Research Support at the Faculty of Sciences

“Equipped with a robust experience in research and grant proposal building, we, the External Relations Team, are your agile partner in navigating the complex Danish and European funding landscape. Our mission is to be your compass towards research success, fostering connections with funding agencies and industry leaders. We are here to assist you every step of the way, so don't hesitate to reach out.”

Philip Hallenborg
Head of Research Support
Faculty of Science


portrait of Esben head of research support RIO

Research Support at Research & Innovation Organisation

“In RIO, the team specializes in supporting areas where SDU has a specific focus, such as private Danish funds and the Horizon Europe framework program for Research and Innovation. We support researchers in project development, proposal writing, project management, as well as in research policy, ethics questions and digital tools for researchers looking for funding.”

Esben Nørgaard Flindt
Head of Research Support 
Research & Innovation Organisation 


Head of research support for business and social sciences, Susanne Feldt

Research Support at the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

“The specialized funding officers at BSS Research Support Office, are the entrance for all SAMF researchers and management in relation to external funding. We can contribute with extensive knowledge about research application process and proposal development, guide you in your funding career and plans and with our insights in the Danish and International funding landscapes. We can support you throughout the entire process, from project idea to submission so don´t hesitate to contact us.”

Susanne Feldt Jørgensen
Head of Research Support
Faculty of Business & Social Science


portrait of Helen head of research support Health

Research Support at the Faculty of Health Sciences

“Our mission at Southern Denmark Research Support is to promote and strengthen health science research at the Faculty of Health Sciences at SDU and in the Region of Southern Denmark. We have many years of experience in supporting researchers and, we are your partner in finding the best funding opportunities for your research and your career. We offer support both before and during submission of your research grant, so don’t hesitate to contact us.”

Helen Korsgaard
Head of Research Support
Faculty of Health Science


portrait of Susanne head of research support Engineering

Research Support at the Faculty of Engineering

“We are TEK’s entrance for researchers who need support related to attraction of external funding. We have extensive specialist knowledge of the research funding landscape both in Denmark and internationally. We support researchers through the application process from matching of the idea to a call, identification of industrial and/or academic partners and are happy to provide feedback to the application. Furthermore, we support the administrative part of grant applications.”

Susanne Kjelstrup
Head of Research Support 
Faculty of Engineering

Pre-award services

Do you need guidance on funding opportunities, project management, or navigating ethical considerations? Reach out for help as early as possible.

Each faculty has research support teams that offer tailored services to researchers. In collaboration with RIO the research support teams provide resources and expertise to help you with the different tasks.


Funding support

Strategic help

Get strategic advice within several disciplins

  • Career development & CV building
  • Personalized funding strategy
  • Idea and project development
  • Coordination and collaboration
  • Quality assurance
  • Peer group workshops
  • Individualized administrative support
NB! We recommend you reach out in advance for this type of service.

Quality check

Get a quality check

  • CV optimization
  • Proposal writing support
  • Standard submission timeline
  • Standard administrative support (budget calculation, budget approval)

Find the research support services

Research Support Humanities offers support to researchers within the humanities at all stages of the funding process, including

  • Help identifying appropriate sources of funding
  • Help turning project ideas into fundable proposals
  • Help finding collaborators and partners, in the faculty and beyond
  • Help planning the application process and navigating the formal requirements of individual calls
  • Help scoping your budget and liaising with the finance team in your department
  • Sparring and dialogue at all stages of the application process
  • Planning next steps after the application cycle has ended

For more, visit Research Support Humanities’ internal sharepoint site.


Contact Research Support HUM

The External Relations Team at the faculty of Science (NAT) can help you with:


Contact Research Support NAT

At SDU RIO we offer support within strategically important funding areas for SDU. Therefore, we focus on the Danish private foundations as well as EU funding.



Contact Research Support RIO

Contact Research Support SAMF

Research Support (SUND) is a research funding service shared between SDU's Faculty of Health Sciences and health sciences research in the Region of Southern Denmark.

Support services include among other things:
  • Advice on career development and CV building
  • Funding strategies for researchers, units, departments
  • Identification of funding opportunities & information services (workshops, homepage, newsletter)
  • Analysis of applicant profiles & funding success rates
  • Organization of meetings with funders
  • Design of workshops for proposal development and writing
  • Individual support during proposal development and writing
  • Coordination between collaborative partners
  • Grant interview training
  • Administrative support
  • Strategic Help
  • Professional network
  • External Collaboration

We would be happy to hear from you regarding any of the topics above, or with feedback or suggestions on our services.



Contact Research Support SUND

TEK’s Funding Team supports the faculty's academic environments in relation to external funding of research and collaboration projects.

  • Supporting our researchers in all aspects of external funding
  • Providing researchers with the insight and knowledge to write highly competitive research grant proposals.
  • Keep up to date on all relevant national and international funds, networks.
  • Build and strengthen networks for internal and external collaborators such as foundations, researchers, public councils and boards, etc.



Support will be offered based on strategic fit for the section, time until the deadline and availability of resources at TEK Innovation. A plan for the level of support will be agreed upon – if this is the right call at the right time.



Contact Research Support TEK

At-award services

When you have received a grant and require this type of service, we urge you to contact the research support unit at your faculty. If you receive a grant letter for a EU-grant, RIO can assist you in the negotiation process. More details can be found below.

People having a conversation in the hallway at cortex park

Foundations in Denmark

All research support units can help with advice and negotiations with foundations. 

Get started: Allocate roles on the EU portal

Once an EU application is selected for funding by the European Commission the coordinator receives an invitation to the contract negotiations. It is always the coordinator that negotiates with the Commission on behalf of the partners.

Starting an EU project, there are two things that must be in place:

  • The contract with the Commission (Grant Agreement)
  • In multi-partner projects an agreement between the partners (Consortium Agreement).

The first task after a project has been invited for negotiation is to give SDU RIO Research Support access to the project on the EU portal.

Access should be given to RIO. For SDU coordinator projects access should be “Coordinator contact” and for SDU partner projects access should be “Participant contact”. This access can be given by any of the persons that have been involved in the proposal preparation.

When access is granted you will get contact to SDU RIO Legal Services and SDU Financial Services according to SDU procedures. You will be contacted about the next steps.


If you have received funding from EU contact: 


Portrait of research support office, Tom 

Tom Clausen
EU Funding Advisor
Research Support
65 50 27 76


Post-award services

When you have received funding for your research project there will be a lot of administrative activities. You can get help with these assignments from the research support unit at your faculty or from the research support unit in SDU RIO.

Students with computer

Find the research support services


To receive advice and help with the post-award stage of your project (e.g., general project management, budgeting, finances, travels, hiring processes, conferences and communication), contact your department secretariat:


When you received the grant, the External Relations team at Science helps researchers with:

  • Project administration of large (trained project manager), complex projects (e.g. EU/DNRF/NFF)
  • Plan, organize and run conferences for PIs 


Contact Research Support NAT

Project Management in larger EU Projects

Are you a researcher coordinating a large and complex EU research and innovation project? Do you need support for the administration of the project?
Our experienced project managers offer full support for EU projects from the grant agreement starting date to its completion incl. the reporting deadlines after the project financing runs out.

The RIO project manager-team has managed and driven a range of EU projects on behalf of the PI, incl: ERGO, ESCAPE, TeleGraft, B-Shapes, Fusilli etc.

RIO project managers

  • are focused on all aspects of admin project management to save researcher’s time
  • have experience within collaboration in large consortia incl. various types of stakeholders and different cultures
  • offers to work several days per week at your department depending on assignments
  • works closely with the local finance function and FSØ on monitoring budget and expenses
  • are experienced within the framework of the EU guidelines and have extensive knowledge about required tools and necessary documentation
  • have experience in handling different types of EU projects.

The project managers customize the support to the needs of each project in cooperation with the researcher. Services provided:

1. Project administration

  • Grant preparation
  • Coordination of financial reporting
  • Coordination of scientific reporting
  • Writing management reports
  • Preparing for project reviews and audits
  • Project deviations incl. contract amendments
  • Conflict and risk management
  • Final report

2. General administrative tasks

  • Support, guidance, and liaising with the scientific coordinator
  • Day-to-day communication within the consortium and with the grant provider
  • Planning meetings, organising conferences, workshops, and similar events

The project manager service is provided in return for payment.

A standard for project management of large EU projects is 6-person month per year financed by the grant, corresponding to the price of full support. This can be financed from the project's administration budget.

Smaller EU projects may require only 4 person months per year.


Contact Research Support RIO

We offer dedicated support in planning and organizing the research projects lifecycle and its resources. Responsible for the administration of the faculty's various post-award support activities in safeguarding positive project outcomes, and best use of resources across institutions and administration.

  • The team can assistance in relation to the following tasks:
  • Contract, cooperation agreements and amendments
  • Scientific, management reporting with project deliverables
  • Guidance to the project leads and partners
  • Dissemination of project activities and results
  • Organizing project Kick-off’s, workshops, conferences, steering committee meeting and similar events
  • Research Unit Economic support


Contact Research Support TEK

The Research Data Management (RDM) support team at the University of Southern Denmark assists researchers with the organization, management, and curation of research data to enhance its preservation and access now and into the future.

Proper research data management

is very important to SDU, which is why it is highlighted in the SDU Open Science Policy (internal link to RDM Open Science Policy page). The following are some of the components necessary for solid data management practices. Visit the linked pages for detailed information that will help you keep your data well-organized.

  1. Data Management Plan (DMP)
  2. Use descriptive and informative file names.
  3. Choose file formats that will ensure long-term access.
  4. Track different versions of your documents.
  5. Create metadata for every experiment or analysis you run.
  6. Find helpful tools for analyzing your data.
  7. Handle sensitive data in an appropriate manner.
Data Management Plan (DMP)

A data management plan (DMP) is a written document that describes the data you expect to acquire or generate during the course of a research project, how you will manage, describe, analyze, and store those data, and what mechanisms you will use at the end of your project to share and preserve your data.

Continue  reading at the support page, or if you have any questions you can email us any time at

Contact/More info on Research Data Management Support


Contact Research Support

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