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Emergency Procedure at SDU

On these pages, you can read more about SDU’s emergency procedure concept, which describes how SDU responds during abnormal incidents that can affect a large organisation.


Emergency procedure concept

The concept of Emergency Procedure is a fully integrated part of operations at SDU. In order not to create a parallel universe in relation to abnormal incidents, SDU has endeavoured to create such a robust set-up that we are able to handle incidents of any kind. The emergency procedure at SDU is a concept that describes the organisation’s response readiness for abnormal incidents that could affect a large organisation at any time.

The operating organisation must ensure that safety measures and routines are implemented for the University’s staff, students and guests. In areas with permanent staff, trained personnel will take care of operational safety. In areas where students and guests are present, information will be provided about the measures and routines in place.

The emergency response procedure displays easily recognisable information and instructions no matter where you are on campus. The material is designed under a common layout and locally anchored.

All emergency procedure measures and routines are integrated into already prepared and visible material so that it can be operationally maintained. Daily awareness supports the intuitive selection of the right response to events. 


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Last Updated 20.12.2023