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The building stock at SDU is heterogeneous and the methods for alerting are different.

The University of Southern Denmark uses standard safety signage to provide information and guidance for everyday and specific emergency situations. Emergency equipment, special danger zones (e.g. pressure cylinders), escape routes, etc. are examples of safety information that is signposted with globally understandable pictograms.

In addition, safety information is also incorporated into the other information signage and is therefore part of the normal information landscape at the University, so there is no need to seek out safety information separately. Integrating safety information into everyday information creates peace of mind, ensures awareness and is maintained. The goal for the signage is also to be consistent, as students and staff move a lot across the University. Clear signage can reduce the amount of safety equipment because an unambiguous set-up, especially via safety points, makes it easier to find the relevant equipment.

Technical Services regularly updates the existing signage.

Signage in public areas

Signage in non-public areas


Technical Services University of Southern Denmark

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Last Updated 20.12.2023