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Center for Research Data assists researchers from SDU in two areas: With bibliometric analyses - so called Research Footprints and with research data management. Within the field of bibliometrics the center can guide researchers and give presentations about bibliometric indicators like the Journal Impact Factor and produce analyses on the individual or group level. Within research data management the center can help researchers produce a data management plan e.g. for an external funder og who have questions regarding personal data and GDPR.

  • Bibliometrics

    CRD produces bibliometric and altmetric analyses for the researchers and research groups at SDU. This includes our Research Footprint which presents a visual overview of the academic visibility in databases like Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar.

  • Research Data Management

    Many researchers need help in producing a Data Management Plan (DMP) for their project. This is why the CRD offers one hour consultations for each project with focus on the data that are to be created or collected. Moreover CRD offers to review the DMP afterwards.

Last Updated 14.12.2023