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According to Danish law, plagiarism is one of the three actions which are considered research misconduct (the other two are forgery and fabrication), if it is done deliberately or happens as a result of severe negligence during the planning, performing, or reporting of research.

At the University Library of Southern Denmark, we use the software programme iThenticate to screen for plagiarism in PhD theses. iThenticate marks all the parts of a text which the programme finds to be identical with another source, and will then generate a report on the whole thesis. At the University Library, we will read through the report and check whether the texts that have been identified are correctly referenced or not. (The Researcher Portal) has an informative page on plagiarism and good citation practice, as well as a page on overlapping publications and self-plagiarism, which also describes the problems of copyright and self-plagiarism.


Screening of other things than PhD theses

The University Library of Southern Denmark does not screen for plagiarism unless we have a request of this by the management at SDU.

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