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Course Evaluation

Give ongoing feedback to your lecturer

By being an active student, you also help to ensure that the teaching is satisfactory and the content relevant to your academic development. You can therefore go to your lecturer throughout the semester and give feedback on what works and what could be better.

Course evaluations

The responses from your class will be collected and read by your lecturer, who must also comment on the progression of the course and the class’s evaluation. 

The evaluations from the class and the lecturer then go to the Study Board, which is responsible for the academic quality of your study programme. Based on the evaluations, the Study Board can ensure the content and coherence of the subjects. Each semester, your Study Board publishes a report on the processed evaluations.  Via the link above, you can read more about your Study Board’s strategy for evaluations and learn more about how the Study Board follows up on the evaluations. You can read more about your Study Board's strategy for evaluations (only available in Danish) and learn more about how the Study Board follows up on the evaluations.

Maintain a positive and constructive tone in your comments
All comments are read by your lecturer and Study Board members. Therefore, focus on what works or does not work. Avoid personal comments. 

Practical conditions for the written final evaluation 

All answers are anonymous. If there are fewer than five answers, the evaluation will not be processed by the Study Board. This is to ensure your anonymity. Instead, the evaluation will read by the faculty, which will evaluate the further processing. It is the faculty’s goal is to have a response rate of more than 50% for all evaluations. 

See whether you have active evaluations in the tab 'Evaluations' on itslearning.

Who can you talk to about your teaching?

If you need to talk to someone other than your lecturer about your teaching or something that has happened in class, you can always contact your Head of Studies or your Study Board.

Last Updated 16.02.2024