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Advisory Board for the Faculty of Engineering

A significant responsibility of the board is to provide the faculty and the programme management with feedback on whether the competences of the students after graduation are not only applicable but also competitive in the labour market.

Other key tasks include:
• to contribute with future visions on the development of the labour market and to point out any associated new/changed competence requirements
• to ask critical questions about the overall contents and structural planning of the programme
• to relate, in general, to internal and external programme assessments
• to propose new programme initiatives both with regard to parts of the programmes and to full-time and part-time programmes.

At present the Advisory Board consists of 14 members employed outside the University of Southern Denmark. The board is comprised of representatives from a broad field geographically and professionally, with experience in and knowledge of the field of education and employment for bachelors of engineering as well as for bachelors/masters of science in engineering.

Meetings will be held four times a year and, in addition, the board may be consulted on different issues. 


Last Updated 13.11.2021