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TEK Student Administration (TEK-ADM)

The purpose of TEK-ADM is to create a forum for coordination and development of the faculty student administration.

The members of TEK-ADM include Head of TEK U&K, relevant staff from TEK U&K, Heads of Programme, programme secretaries and relevant administrative staff from Student Services (Examination Office). The Director of Studies and other administrative staff may participate as needed. 

Frequency of meetings: Three meetings per semester and when needed.

Purpose and tasks

The purpose of TEK-ADM is to coordinate, facilitate and develop the faculty’s administrative services related to student administration.

TEK-ADM is tasked with:

• coordination of, implementation of and follow-up on relevant issues related to student administration

• contributing to exchanging of experiences and sharing of knowledge related to student administration across the institutes, programmes and the faculty administration as well as facilitating discussion of issues related to student services and administration

• contributing to the development and long-term strengthening of the faculty student administration

• informing programme administrators and secretaries of political, university or faculty level decisions and initiatives related to student administration

• coordinating and initiating the implementation of legislative changes or university or faculty decisions related to student administration.


Co-ordinator Janne Valdgård Petersen -Phone 6550 9624)


Last Updated 13.11.2021