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Subject Specialists

Subject Specialists are the link between the academic environments at SDU and the university library. SDUB's Subject Specialist service covers all SDU institutes. The purpose of the Subject Specialist service is to offer the staff at SDU a personified and professionally well-founded contact interface for the university library. The Subject Specialist forward inquiries internally to the relevant department or relevant topic forum to the extent that the solution/answer is not within the competencies or scope of the individual Subject Specialist. The Subject Specialist ensures feedback to the user. 


Jakob Povl Holt (Odense)

Kamilla Jensen Husen (Odense)

Kirstin Remvig (Odense)

Martin Præsteskov (Sønderborg)

Mogens Kragsig Jensen (Odense)

Tobias Albrecht (Kolding)

Business and Social Sciences

Iben Fisker Sørensen (Kolding)
 Jette Jorsal (Odense)

Line Laursen (Odense)

Lone Bredahl Jensen (Odense)
Lotte Thing Rasmussen (Odense)

Martin Præsteskov (Sønderborg)

 Mette Fentz Haastrup (Odense)
 Peter Nissen (Esbjerg)

Tove Juul Hansen (Slagelse)

Health Sciences

Anne Faber Hansen (Kbh)

Berit Elisabeth Alving  (Odense)

Mette Brandt Eriksen (Odense)

Mette Tangaard Jensen (Esbjerg)

Merete Marbjerg (Odense)
Nanna Lykke Kromann  (Odense)

Faculty of Engineering and 
Faculty of Science

Anja Pedersen (Odense)

Evgenios Vlachos (Odense)

Katrine Astrup Jacobsen (Odense)

Lasse Kragh Sørensen (Odense)

Thea Marie Drachen (Odense)

Vibeke Sandager Rønnedal (Sønderborg)

Last Updated 04.07.2023