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What can you do if you suspect that someone is plagiarizing? If you as a lecturer suspect plagiarism and want to take further steps, you must report and document the case to your Head of Studies. The Head of Studies will deal with the case, based on your documentation.

If there is a suspicion of cheating, you can also consult the procedure for cases of examination irregularities, which primarily addresses students.
Cheating at exams will always be dealt with according to the rules regarding disciplinary measures for students at the University of Southern Denmark.

The Universities of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen, and Aarhus in collaboration have developed the webpage Here you will also find the definition of plagiarism which is in force at these three universities, and which you can use as a guideline.

The three universities have different rules for handling cases of plagiarism. The basic rule is that if you or an examiner have reason to suspect that there has been plagiarism, it must be reported to the Head of Studies, who will then deal with it.

Last Updated 01.12.2022