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How to handle personal data in a research project

Legal Services helps you with all GDPR-related questions. All research projects involving personal data must be reported to us so that they are included in SDU's register of processing activities.  

Register a project handling personal data

Register project - go to form  Danish form

Changes in a project

Report changes in a research project. Go to information and form.

Transfer of project data 

Report a transfer of project data to others. Go to information and form.

Before a research project starts

You must consider whether or not you process personal data in your project. If you handle personal data, you are expected to follow the rules on the processing of such data.

Read more about the different types of personal data.

Register your project if you process personal data. Legal Services receives your registration form and it is processed by a legal adviser.

You get an opinion which includes the requirements for processing personal information and the security of processing.

You should expect approximately one week for case processing from the time you register the project until Legal Services contacts you.

Please note that projects cannot always be approved within a week as it depends on the complexity of each project.

Going to register your project? Find answers to frequently asked questions below.

Contact the legal advisers if you have questions:

  • Legal

    Get started with GDPR

    All research projects involving personal data must be included in SDU's register of processing activities. Legal Services assists in ensuring the security of data and obtaining the necessary permissions and agreements.

What to remember when you process personal data

Below you find a list of frequently asked questions that can help you when handling personal data in research projects.

If you have more general questions on GDPR, find answers in this list of frequently asked questions.

Last Updated 12.06.2024