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What do you do in case of emergency?

In case of an emergency you need to act appropriately and without hesitation. Everybody can perform life-saving as well as emergency counselling. Follow the guidelines below:

Emergency Management

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the Emergency Management Plan for your area. We may all need help sometime or need to be able to help others. In case of emergency there is no time to read – so please do it NOW.

Safety in Labs and Workshops

Risk assessments and safety instructions must be made for all processes that involve a special risk before the work can commence.

Risk assessment

Before acquiring new machines, equipment, chemicals or other that involve a new risk, you must contact your work environment group to get assistance for making an initial risk assessment.

Find some guidelines here

Do you have any questions?

If in doubt, please contact your work environment group

Safety and Work Environment Organisation

Working Environment

Office Arrangement and Working Environment (physical and psychological environment)

Workplace Assessment and Well-Being Survey

Every three years the University of Southern Denmark carries out a survey of the university’s staff about their well-being and their working environment. The survey is called an Workplace Assessment and Well-Being Survey.


Last Updated 24.02.2023