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Assessment of applicants for academic staff positions

The academic assessment must determine whether the applicants possess the academic qualifications in research, teaching, communication, etc. which are required in the job structure, and additionally meet the other qualification requirements stated in the advertisement.

The University may lay down rules for documenting the applicants’ qualifications, including rules on the scope of the material that applicants may include in the assessment.

The academic assessment is carried out by an assessment committee. At SDU, the competence to appoint assessment committees is delegated to the dean, whose approval is based on the recommendation of the Academic Council. Applicants are assessed as qualified or not qualified, and the assessment committee prepares a detailed written justification.

The assessment process is based on Section 4 of the ’Executive order on the employment of academic staff at universities’ (in Danish only) and the impartiality requirements for assessment committees, cf. Chapter 2 of the Danish Public Administration Act (in Danish only) on disqualification.

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The Executive Order on Employment

The basis for the recruitment procedure is the Executive Order on Employment, which states the applicable rules for job advertisements as well as the form and content of the assessment

find it here (in Danish only)

Guide to assessing teaching portfolios at SDU

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Here you can find SDU's recruitment system

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