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Maria Fjeldsø Lindebjerg

Data Analyst
SDU Analytics

Telefon: +45 6550 4731

What Maria L brings to the table

Maria joined SDU in 2011. In the first two years as a student assistant.

Since 2013 she has been working as a data analyst and has primarily been working with educational data and reporting of external compliance data to Statistics Denmark and The Ministry of Higher Education within the educational data field.

She has great deal of experience in the data wrangling area. This work includes getting the data from data sources, cleaning and combining them and present the outcome to stakeholders from within SDU and from outside SDU.

The past years she has been a big part of building SDU's internal educational data setup, where her focus has been establishing processes and data within the external compliance area in a way that these data are continuously updated and controlled.

In 2021 Maria joined SDU Analytics.

Primary work areas
  • Building SDUs new data structure in the educational data field
  • Data quality assurance
  • Reporting of educational data to Statistics Denmark
  • Reporting of educational data to The Ministry of Higher Education
Lifelong learning
  • Data visualization course
  • R, SAS, SQL + T-SQL and R programing courses
  • Msc in Economics (SDU 2014)
Outreach and presentations
  • Participation in several working groups consisting of representatives from other danish universities, Statistics Denmark and The Ministry of Higher Education

Portrætfoto af dataanalytiker Maria Fjeldsø Lindebjerg